Friday, 26 September 2014

Guest posting from a former 'passive smoker'

The Joy of Vaping (by Marilyn Cliff, an ex passive smoker)

I used to sit and sulk when my husband had a smoke
for living with a smoker is definitely no joke.
I knew he was a smoker when we met that fateful night
but thought with my alluring charm I would soon put him right

How wrong I was but even so I was dazzled by his smile
and decided he could have his fags (if only for a while!)
Time moved on and he moved in and I would moan and rabbit
but all to no avail as he refused to  break his habit.

The cost of buying cigarettes rose beyond belief
such a lot of cash I thought for a dried up bit of leaf.
And although we were not rich the damage to our wealth
was nothing to compare to the damage to our health.

I was a passive smoker and would moan this wasn’t fair
that the awful smell of fag smoke stayed in my clothes and hair.
And what about my lungs filled with tars and god knows what
but he always had an answer when I put him on the spot.

His smoker’s cough would wake me as he sat up with a splutter
before lighting up a fag while I would curse and mutter.
But with the help of patches he managed to refrain
and lasted for a year or more before he smoked again.

Then as he neared the age when he would draw his pension
he discovered the E-cig a marvellous invention.
He tried it and it worked for he is now a happy vaper
I am happy too and wish to note this down on paper.

No more are our lives blighted by the dreaded smoking fog
and he spreads the word on vaping as he chunters on his ‘blog’